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Poseidon Paneel 3 x 8 SK

Poseidon Paneel 3 x 8 SK

Product information: 

Flat module out of rose salt and in a frame of hemlock wood

Almost like a day at the sea

Imagine that you’re going for a walk on the North Sea shore after a summer rain. That’s how the air is after an infusion in the sauna with the Poseidon salt module. You smell the salt in the air, feel the liberating effect with every breath and feel the salt on your skin. That is a pure sense of well-being.

Large salt surface for a deep effect
The salt encourages a pleasant indoor atmosphere; it binds odours, has an antibacterial effect and purifies the air. The frame of the Poseidon salt plate is made of hemlock sauna wood without using any glue or resin. The best thing to do is to mount the salt plate near the sauna stove. The distance to the wall is one centimetre. This distance enables the complete surface to interact with the ambient air. A salt surface has a effect of over 1 m² with a plate measuring 85 x 70 cm. The Poseidon salt plate is also a great success in the infrared cabinet!

Material and measurements
The Poseidon module measures 85 x 70 cm with 3 x 8 salt slabs. 24 kg of rose salt take effect in this amount. The frame is made of hemlock wood without glue or resin.

Packaging and Delivery
The Poseidon products are assembled products; the shipping is undertaken on palettes.

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