Salt Relax®

Salt Relax® Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG

Right of revocation

Instructions on revocation

You may revoke in writing (e.g. letter, telefax, e-mail) your contractual statements within 14 days without being required to state any reasons or – if the item was available to you prior to expiration of that period – by sending the item back. The period begins after receipt of these instructions in writing however not before the recipient receives the goods and not before we fulfill our information obligations according to Article 246 Section 2 in conjunction with Section 1 Subsections 1 and 2 EGBGB (introductory act to the German civil code). The time the revocation or item is sent to us shall be decisive for proper observation of the revocation period. The revocation must be addressed to SALT RELAX Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG, Riedstraße 19, D-64404 Bickenbach.

Consequences of revocation

In the event of an effective revocation, the contractual performances provided by either side must be returned and any benefits gained thereof (e.g. interest) must be transferred. If you cannot return the received contractual performance entirely or in part or can return it only in a deteriorated condition, you will be required to provide adequate compensation. As pertains to deterioration of the item and use made thereof, you will be required to compensate only if the use or deterioration is attributable to handling the item to a degree extending over and beyond inspection/verification of characteristics and function. “Inspection/verification of characteristics” shall be deemed to encompass testing and trying the item at issue such as is possible and customary in a retail shop. Items suited for package shipping will be returned at our risk. You will bear the costs of return shipping if the delivered items were identical to those ordered and if the price of the items to be shipped back is not higher than €40.00 or if you in the event of a higher price have not yet at the time of shipping back provided the counterperformance and a contractually agreed partial payment. In other case the return shipment is at no cost to you. Items not suited for package shipment will be picked up at your place. Any obligations to make refund payments will be fulfilled inside of 30 days. That period begins for you on the day you send your notification of revocation or the item; for us it begins of the day of receipt.