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Here's What Customers Say about Salt Relax

The following report is by our customer, Axel Dohmann, who has been in charge of pouring infusions at a sauna for 15 years. He reports on our products, the Poseidon module and the salt panel XIHE. XIHE is available either with or without LED illumination.

Reference from Sauna Infusion-Pourer Axel Dohmann

User report on the Poseidon/Xihe salt panels for saunas

When one closes one’s eyes and concentrates, one can feel the surrounding sea air. It is quite unbelievable and I was initially very sceptical myself concerning the effect, but Salt Relax is genuine and authentic. The effect resembles a long stroll along the Baltic Sea coast.

But to start at the beginning: I have been in charge of pouring the infusions at a public sauna for over 15 years and, over the course of the years, I have been able – and was required – to try out many products and trends in our wellness park. Naturally, I was sceptical at first when I was offered my first Salt Relax product. For this reason, I initially said that I was just prepared to hang up and try out the 80 x 60 cm Poseidon module with the flat natural salt bricks in my own private sauna in the cellar.

The initial effect was amazing. Already after the first infusion, one could sense the definite salt taste in the air that one only otherwise smells when strolling by the sea. Now I wanted to make sure, and during the next infusion I let clear water run onto the definitely heated-up salt plates. This clearly intensified the effect. Fascinated by this impression, I first ordered individual salt bricks for my infusions in the sauna.

Excited to find out the reactions of our guests, I announced the first solo infusion at which the salt bricks were being used. In a traditional 9-minute infusion, I then placed the salt bricks on the furnace, heated up to 95 degrees C., and then began to carry out the infusion with clear water (an aromatic oil is normally mixed in with this). Already after the first ladle, a definite salt vapour was diffused, spreading out like fog in the entire sauna.

The definite taste of salt was on our tongues and after 9 minutes the entire room was enveloped in a cloud like sea-air, as one only experiences with early fog on the coast. The feedback of our guests was phenomenal and ever since this day, the Salt Relax infusion, as I call it, belongs to my daily standard programme as one of the highlights in my 6-hour programme. Today, Salt Relax modules are hanging in almost all our saunas, spreading their beneficial effects.

From the very outset, I was also fascinated by the natural beauty of these flat salt bricks and their natural structures and reddish colours, framed in a simple and natural wooden frame. When the first panel backlit with soft LED came out, I knew that this could be not only an ornament and highlight in my home living room, but would also clearly improve the indoor climate.

Being in charge of pouring infusions, I can only confirm the effect and positive feedback of hundreds of guests. As a private person, I can only recommend the Salt Relax products. Not only can they be integrated into the domestic scene, but also contribute towards a more liveable and healthy atmosphere.

Read about why there should be a salt wall in every curing chamber for dry aged beef:

Reference from Jürgen David, Butcher from Worms

The Salt Relax salt wall in my curing chamber for dry aged beef

At the David butcher’s shop in Worms, we offer home-made sausages, salads and meat of the highest quality made with well-tried traditional skills. When I first heard about a curing chamber in Sydney furnished as a showroom, I was immediately fascinated by the idea. In addition, the special feature of this curing chamber in the Australian premium butcher’s shop Victor Churchill was its salt wall. I wanted to realise a similar project in my butcher’s shop. After all, dry aged beef is considered the best steak meat in the world.
For me it was clear from the very outset that my curing chamber would also require a salt wall. The time came in June 2012: I was able to hang up the first sirloins to dry in my David-style curing chamber.

Customer retention combined with marketing strategy

One purpose of the chamber was to continue furthering my image as a premium butcher. And it really worked – many customers came extra to be photographed. We were also able to gain many new customers – some of them from 50 km away!
The somewhat separate location of the curing chamber was chosen on purpose, in order to enter into yet more personal conversation with the customer. In this conversation, the customer senses my professional competency and trusts it with the other products as well. That’s exactly what I was told: “With this competency as regards meat, the rest will be at least at good, too.”

A fresh fragrance in the curing chamber and less work for the butcher

The salt wall is a central part of the curing chamber and, for me, an indispensible one. With the experience that I have meanwhile gained with drying beef in the curing chamber with the salt wall, what is most striking is that the meat and bones do not get sticky and rotten. The air in the curing chamber always has a fresh spicy fragrance and doesn’t smell rotten as it does in curing chambers without a salt wall.
Work was also saved thanks to the salt wall; we were able to dispense with brushing the meat with beef tallow in order to hinder rotting. Those who know dry aged beef know that most butchers try to solve the problem of impending spoilage in this way.

To sum up, I can say that the investment in the curing chamber was worth it. The dry aged beef helps me acquire new groups of buyers and it helps my image as a butcher working in the traditional way with premium products.