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Helios Spectral

Fascination Light – White Mountain Salt in a Play of Colours
Helios Spectral

Wellness Light and Purer Air

Helios Spectral: style and elegance

With Helios Spectral, the Salt Relax® manufactory has once again succeeded in fulfilling customers’ wishes: clinker bricks of white mountain salt are supported by a slender, black-painted wooden construction. With this reserved colouration, the wellness pillar fits even better into the most varied interiors in hotels, spas and offices.
The new furnishings with coloured LEDs, on the other hand, are spectacular. Smooth colour transitions or definite colour circles can be selected via remote control. In this way, the colour of the light can be chosen according to the occasion and mood. The brightness is variable as well. Static light, slightly undulating  colour transitions or dynamic  changes of colour are possible with different programmes. 

These pillars are also placed wherever a good indoor climate is crucial: in private households and in the gastronomy field, in conference rooms and in waiting rooms of surgeries and solicitors’ offices. Feng Shui advisors are pleased to recommend the Helios Spectral to their clients.

The wellness pillars are self-supporting, in a lightweight construction. The pillar illustrated here has a height of 210 cm. Because both sides of the clinker bricks interact with the surrounding air, the result is an active surface twice as large as the surface visible from the outside. On a foundation of just 37 x 37 cm, the wellness pillar Helios Spectral has an active surface of 2.7 m². This surfaces binds odours and provides a pleasant indoor climate.

Salt clinker bricks with a total weight of 70 kg are built into this pillar. The clinker bricks are fastened mechanically.

Assemble. Set up. Be amazed.

The wellness pillar is delivered as a set(*), complete with LED illuminants as well as remote control. You can simply set up the pillar in the desired place in the room during normal operation.

Tested Quality
We use exclusively high-quality, tested components. The LED lamps provide pleasant lighting, save energy and have a long life. The purely mechanical construction of the pillar ensures that no adhesive fumes or other odours disturb the micro-climatic conditions in your rooms. 

Other Products in the Series
The “Helios” series consists of the Helios pillar, the Apoll displays and the design salt lamps Aurora, Xihe, Selene and Sol. Each and every product is unique. With the Poseidon modules, we also offer you solutions for the sauna and the infrared cabin. The salt tiles can last for several years, even when subjected to daily sauna infusions. Simply let us advise you.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Design: Edgar I. Comanescu

(*) Our salt tiles are carefully selected and processed at a high standard of excellence. Under unfavourable conditions, however, they can break or crack during transport. For this reason, we send several products for self-assembly. This assemble is simple and can be done quickly. We are always here for you if you have any questions.